VP Projects


Mr. Dean Michaud is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He began employment with O’Rourke Engineering Ltd (OEL) in April of 1994 as a Project Engineer. Prior to joining OEL, Dean’s experience included facility operations and maintenance work for Renaissance Energy as well as facility and construction work with DenMar Oilfield Services.

Dean has worked on oil and gas projects in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Dean has also been involved with projects outside the mainstream of oil and gas, such as projects involving hydrogen delivery systems.

A brief summary of the projects that Dean has been responsible for include sweet and sour gas processing facilities, H2S removal, CO2 removal, gas gathering pipeline systems, and numerous sweet and sour single and multi-well oil and gas batteries and compressor stations. Other projects include water injection facilities, air injection facilities, sweet and sour gas and oil pipeline systems (Class I and II) and hydrogen distribution systems.

Dean currently manages a team of engineers, technicians, draftspeople and support staff, as well as being Chair of the Drafting Committee which ensures OEL’s drafting department maintains its quality and continues to keep pace with the industry’s ever changing standards.