Since 1971, OEL has provided the oil & gas industry  in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan with top-quality facility design engineering consulting services. We have also carried out projects in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia as well as provided project support to various clients throughout North America.

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As our company grew in expertise, we endeavoured to grow our services offerings as well. In 2001, OEL set up a full-service in-house Electrical Engineering Group to increase our services to our clients and further enhance our facility design management team.
This was met with resounding excitement, and we grew in abilities and in size. We grew so much that in October 2006, OEL relocated to a newly renovated facility in the northeast section of Calgary. This was done so that all of our employees would be under one roof: it would also give us flexibility to grow into the future.

As of 2011, OEL has grown to accommodate 200 plus employees and contractors all housed within two buildings located within a block of each other in Calgary, Alberta.